The Shimarisu Team brings you a slightly meta game company adventure game!

Yumeutsutsu Re:Master is a bubbly-cute girls love adventure game about game developers. Our last two games in the Nurse Love Addiction series focused on professional life with nurses and nursing students at a hospital. This game continues that focus, putting the spotlight on the people in a game development office, creating a story much like the life our team experiences daily.

The game is set at Eureka Software, a small game development company tucked away in Koenji, a neighborhood not far from the center of the capital city Tokyo. To this day it remains wrapped in the kindness of its working class residents. Our protagonist Ai is a simple girl from the country who makes the leap alone to see her younger sister Kokoro, currently a game company employee. The sisters had lived apart a long time due to their parents’ separation.

Unused to working as a game developer, Ai finds herself leading a pressured but exciting, game-like daily life surrounded by strange characters even weirder than you’d find in an actual game. Her one worry is the frigid, off-putting attitude that her sister Kokoro gives her. Ai, who moved to Tokyo alone for the sake of her sister, is losing the foundation of her life. And just what is the significance of Nie Witch, the doujin game that Eureka Software is remaking and Ai suddenly finds herself working on?

Hio Kosaka, popular GL novel writer, will depict the nervous wavering of a girl’s heart. Her script will be like a clear stream flowing through a world wrapped in the gentle and warm sensation of light gently filtering through the trees, delivering the same atmosphere of our previous hit, Nurse Love Addiction.

Backing her up will be Hatsumi Shimizu, who garnered praise for her depictions in the FLOWERS series by Innocent Grey, as well as familiar faces to Kogado Studio, Naoyuki Takeuchi (Tristia of the Deep-Blue Sea, etc., Kogado Studio) and Maoto Nishikawa (Symphonic Rain, Kogado Studio) who will weave into the story the reality of working at a game developer.

In charge of designing the unique heroines is Choko Fuji, current ace Japanese artists who possesses an unsurpassed artistic touch and creative coloring. With every stroke of the pen, Fuji will create a daring yet modest depiction of the delicate subtleties of the heart and fleeting changes of expression.

So starts the (game) creation story that may just expand your world.


Planning and production
Shimarisu-san Team
Original plan & Director
Scenario Writer

Lead Writer


Main Works Nurse Love Addiction (Win/PSV/Nintendo Switch game,Kogado Studio)
384, 403km Anata wo Tsuki ni Sarattara (Novel, Tiara Bunko)



Main Works FLOWERS series (WinPC /PSP/PSV/Android game, Innocent Grey,inc./Prototype,inc.)


Main Works Aoi Umi no Tristia series(WinPC game,Kogado Studio)


Main Works Symphonic Rain( WinPC game, Kogado Studio)
Tsuihou Senkyo (PS4/PSV game, Nippon Ichi Software,inc)

Character Design, Keyframes

Main Work: Katahane (WinPC)


Main Work: Nurse Love Addiction (Win/PSV/Nintendo Switch game,Kogado Studio)

Minor Character Design
Main Song
Place of promise

Singer: Asaka
Lyrics : Masami Kakinuma Music : Tomoyuki Hamada Arrangement : Shinichi Yuki
Cooperation in production: 5pb. Records.

Ending themesong 1
Nostalgic Town

Singer: Asami IMAI
Lyrics : Yuriko Mori Music : Go Shina Arrangement : Tomoyuki Hamada
Cooperation in production: 5pb. Records.

Ending themesong 2

Singer: Riko AZUNA
Lyrics,Music and Arrangement:Tomoyuki Hamada
Cooperation in production: 5pb. Records./ SPIKE Inc.