Ai Otori

Assistant Director (Trainee)
Voice Actor:
Maya Yoshioka

This game’s main character.

Ai adores her younger sister, Kokoro. She’s meek and diligent, but thinks she’s a boring person.
She has a gloomy, negative temperament, but is a bit of an airhead.People around her think she’s interesting.
When she gets excited, her hometown accent colors her speech.
She used to enjoy making art, but she fell into a slump and currently isn’t drawing.
Following her sister, she moved to Tokyo alone and got hired by Eureka Software.

Kokoro Yanigaya

Game Director
Voice Actor:
Manami Numakura

Back when she was still in her hometown with her older sister Ai, before she joined Eureka Software, she was a cheerful, friendly, puppy-like girl. Now that she’s become an adult, Kokoro is cool young woman who says whatever is on her mind.
It’s unclear why she’s so harsh toward her sister Ai.
As she’s still a novice director, her job is demanding day-in and day-out, leaving her constantly in a bad mood.
In contrast to her sister who likes drawing, Kokoro likes coming up with stories, which developed into a love of games.

Saki Mugendo

Narrative Writer
Voice Actor:
Sora Tokui

Eureka Software’s lead narrative writer.
Always wearing headphones, Saki is a self-centered girl who doesn’t listen when people talk to her and goes about things the way she feels like.
She always wears a track suit and looks younger than she is due to her short height and cute looks.
She was the writer for the original version of Dreams and Reality – Nie, the Witch, and the End of the World that they are remaking now and is a veteran of Eureka Software.
She’s always going “roar!!” so people call her Tinysaurus.

Nana Tachibana

Office Staff (Voice Actor)
Voice Actor:
Shiori Izawa

Part-time worker who does administrative work other than Eureka Software development, like answering phones and making tea.
Nana is actually a struggling voice actor who can’t pay the bills yet on acting alone.
She creates a pleasant atmosphere at Eureka. Her bright personality lets her join in on any fun and she’s friendly and open with everyone.
A self-professed “Banana Maid.” Cosplaying is just her hobby.

Marie Mahler

Illustrator/Keyframe Artist
Voice Actor:
Haruna Ikezawa

A Greek illustrator who ended up working at Eureka Software.
A straightforward person with unwavering conviction. She has the wits to quickly grasp the true essence of any matter.
Her military clothes are her “uniform.”
Marie loves Japanese culture.

Minor Characters (Non-Route Characters)

Minor Characters (Non-Route Characters)

Honoka Daigo

President and Programmer and Marketing
Voice Actor:
Shizuka Ito

A gentle boss who is like an older sister to her staff. When she starts drinking, however, she gets a little out of hand.
She founded Eureka Software and started development on a commercial remake of the doujin game Dreams and Reality – Nie, the Witch, and the End of the World.
Possessing a shrewd hidden side, she is called various disquieting nicknames in the game business world.


Vice President
Voice Actor:
Yuka Otsubo

A St. Bernard that is basically the mascot of Eureka Software.
Banako is Honoka’s dog, but she often leaves her behind when heading out of the office, so Ai is mainly in charge of walks.
Banako has an energy drink for Saki hanging from her neck, but as of yet it hasn’t been drunk.

  • Doujin Version
  • Commercial version

Characters (of the game-in-game) (Non-route characters)

Characters (of the game-in-game) (Non-route characters)


Voiced by:
Riko Azuna

A young woman who grew up in an orphanage after being abandoned at birth. Having absolutely no magical ability, unlike most other people, Nie has been treated as a failure throughout her life, with the poor functionality of her dominant hand due to an accident only compounding her problems.
Still, despite all this, she has a warm personality and positive outlook.
Eventually, though, she is captured by the kingdom and sent off to Majo, the Witch, as an “ikenie” — a sacrifice.


Voiced by:
Asami Imai

No one quite knows who Majo is or where she came from, or if she is even human to begin with.
Although the head of the church Hoh-Oh was known as the world’s most powerful mage, Majo’s magical prowess surpasses even hers. Majo’s near unlimited magical power and skill have earned her the name “The Infinite Witch.” She suddenly appeared one day with a host of monsters, declaring war on the world and promptly commencing its destruction.
Cruel, selfish, and fickle, she has no compassion for those who follow her and is brutal to those who do not.
When she meets Nie, a girl offered up to her as a sacrifice, Majo lets her live out of a flight of fancy. Majo’s passions, however, slowly begin to change…